Waukegan Lake Effect on Shoreline Communities

Waukegan is a city located in Illinois and is part of the Chicago Metro area. The city has a population of 88,826 and it is the ninth largest city in the state. Waukegan can be found on the shore of Lake Michigan, which is around 8 miles south of the Wisconsin border.

Finding the Correct Way to Manage Lake Michigan’s Shoreline

For many years, the members of the North Shore communities have managed to control their respective shorelines on an independent basis. Because of this method. They have dealt with various environmental and economic challenges, according to a press release from Alliance for the Great Lakes.

During a recent meeting that involved more than 40 officials, it was concluded that the landowners of the community would need to work together to manage the shoreline that connects Illinois to Lake Michigan.

The Lake Michigan shoreline is an extremely beneficial resource to the people and business owners of the Waukegan area. It helps with economic, environmental, and cultural advancements Yet man-made structures and various environmental changes have greatly impacted the shoreline, putting those who live or work on the coast at a great risk.

The issues have made headlines at times, especially when the lake is either low or high. The community has had to fund beach replenishment projects and costly restoration to structures following heavy storms. These challenges have been faced on a project by project basis which has increased to a tally of around $3.7 million annually over the past decade.

Wayne Motley, the Mayor of the City of Waukegan stated in the press release that “In Waukegan, we have been working hard to revitalize our community, and our lakefront is vital to achieving that goal. He went on to say “We witness every day how closely linked our economy is to our environment, and this effort has provided a key way for us to collaboratively protect these important resources.”

Plans to Improve Transportation Throughout Waukegan and Surrounding Cities

The city has recently made plans for a massive redevelopment project for the lakefront area. Based on the plans, many industrial sites will be removed, and replaced by residential homes and recreational space. The very first step in the renovation project is the opening of the Genesee Theatre, which is already completed. There have also been several restaurants opened and other commercial buildings restored.

New Projects for the Area are Already Underway

According to the Chicago Tribune, a public forum was held in the Lake Forest area to discuss the upcoming projects that would improve the service on the line. The project would have a profound impact on several towns in the Waukegan area, such as Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield and Bannokburn.

Another project that could affect the residents and business owners of the Waukegan area would include installing between around 18,000 feet of railway tracks that would like adjacent to the current rail line that is that is located near Academy Woods Subdivision.

The main purpose of this project is to help reduce travel time and improve the speed of transport by allowing for a third rail for freight train use. While this could be a great benefit, The Lake Forest City Manager Bob Kiely stated that the result would mean passing freight trains would be at least 14 feet closer to residential homes.

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